Experience the extraordinary effects of the ordinary things you do every day.

Health coaching 


Is health coaching for you?

Have you:

  • Been feeling tired and have no energy?
  • Been feeling physically and emotionally drained?
  • Had trouble losing weight, or gone on diets only to gain the weight back as soon as they are over?
  • Had your doctor tell you that your symptoms are caused by stress but you have no idea how to go about managing it?
  • Been finding it increasingly difficult to take care of your health while balancing work and family life?

Health coaching can help you with all of those. Whether it’s food, stress, sleep or movement; we can work on whatever is holding you back to help you regain your energy and become your best self – for your children, your partner, your colleagues, every day.



I’m Annie

 I am originally from Cyprus and currently living in Berlin with my husband and daughter. I became a health coach after my own health struggles doctors couldn’t really help me with. In the end, it was through working on my lifestyle that I felt well again: by sleeping better, managing my stress levels, eating well, working out less (yes, less!), reconnecting with myself and the people around me. I know first-hand just how powerful  lifestyle changes can be and have made it my vocation to share this with you. 

Tired of not feeling well?

Experience the power of the ordinary things you do every day

Sleep & Relaxation

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Or do you wake up feeling groggy? Or maybe your child is waking you up several times during the night so you don’t feel like you’re getting any restful sleep? Together we can analyse what is preventing you from having the kind of sleep you need to wake up full of energy.


Discover the power of real foods and find out what foods work best for you and your body. With easy, quick and tasty recipes,  stop yo-yo dieting and keep that weight off for good. Let’s work together to crack emotional eating and experience food as medicine.  

Movement & Exercise

Do you have a gym subscription but never go there? Or do you regularly go, but hate it? Perhaps there are better ways to integrate movement in your daily life, in a way that is pleasurable and sustainable. We can find them together.


Do you eat more when you’re stressed (and then stress about it?) Does your job or family life, or juggling the two drive you nuts sometimes? Through mind-body techniques, you can learn to manage stress. We can also work on viewing stress as a positive, helpful state.


Which relationships would you qualify as supporting? Have you kept and are you sustaining your network of friends after becoming a parent? A strong support network can help maintain your health and vice-versa. We will look at how to find or re-discover connections that fill your cup rather than deplete it.

Positive psychology

Positive emotions, use of character strengths, finding meaning and purpose while adjusting to your new role or parenthood. Lean how to use positive psychology principles to experience well-being from the inside out.

Mum, aligned

Health Coaching for exhausted toddler mums looking to go from ‘just coping’ to thriving, without guilt

10 week one-on-one coaching programme

When my daughter was born, all of the lifestyle changes I had in place flew out of the window. It felt like I had forgotten who I was and what I needed. I didn’t know how to find balance and prioritise myself, at least to some degree. I started to realise how much new mums were in need of support and finally understood the meaning behind “When a child is born, so is a mother”. There really isn’t much support out there for us; neither on a mental nor on a physical level. The leap between pregnancy and motherhood is so huge, but everybody seems to ignore it. On the contrary, we are expected to function as well as before, or even better!

All around me, I saw toddler mums “just coping” like I was. Exhausted, running on empty. Putting on brave, happy smiles.

I created my ‘Mom, aligned’ programme for mums who want to make your mental and physical health a priority but don’t know where to start.


"Thanks to Annie my relationship with food, dieting and physical workout has changed to the positive. She gave me lots of practical exercises and established new eating routines that I found easy to stick to. The results are striking. For the first time in four years my estrogen levels have reached a normal level again – and I have come much closer to making peace with my body. I would recommend Annie’s method of functional health coaching to anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental wellbeing."

Sandra, Germany

"Two things about Annie - initiative and adaptability. Annie's method stands out in that she does not limit herself simply to the goals or obstacles with which the client comes in. Annie takes an active interest in learning who it is she is working with, and does the groundwork needed to modify one's approach to the individual case as it comes in. She positively empowers those she works with. I found Annie to be of solid help and great insight to my journey"

Mike, Malta

"I loved working with Annie as my coach. She is a very encouraging and compassionate coach. She helped me find more appreciation for my strengths and find ways to use them improve the areas I was struggling with. She was great at keeping me accountable without making me feel pressured. She gave me practical tools to use that didn't take much time from my busy life - I still use the breathing technique she recommended. Annie is passionate for what she's doing and it shows in her work."

Denitsa, Switzerland

"Even though I worked with Annie for a short period of time (only 5 sessions) she helped me not only to clarify and prioritize my objectives but also to get to know myself and my strengths better, embrace who I am and get the results I craved for. And it was all an easy proccess that didn't feel like a constant struggle with myself to do things.Thank you, Annie, for being such a warm hearted, understanding teamplayer."

Daniela, Romania

"Annie’s natural style and friendly approach immediately made me feel at ease. It was the first time that someone had probed my inner thoughts in a non-judgemental way where I felt comfortable and able to be open and honest. Annie has helped me to see that it is entirely acceptable to explore all avenues to find the solution that works best for you as an individual."

Jenny, U.K.

"Annie was exactly what I needed to help support and guide me during the process of doing an elimination diet. As opposed to focusing on what I couldn't eat, she helped me to see all the other possibilities I had. Her friendly and non-judgmental approach made it very easy to be coached and kept me accountable. We worked not only on diet but also stress management, relationships with others as well as to one's self. Thank you Annie!"

Christina, Sweden

"Annie was a great support during a time where I was experiencing a lot of stress at work, which was taking its toll on my mental and physical health. Through concrete skills and tricks, Annie helped me through a tough time. She also discovered that I might have celiac disease, which later was confirmed by a diagnosis. Thanks for everything Annie!"

Julie, Belgium

"I really enjoyed my time with Annie. I was impressed by her empathy, professionalism, compassion and deep insight. During my journey with Annie, she really took the time to understand who I am, what I needed, and was able to empower me with the right tools that I need to optimise and sustain my health. I left each session feeling completely energised and empowered; knowing what to do and how to do it. What I most honoured was that Annie truly embraces an full circle holistic approach, which totally resonated with me and allowed me to finally connect the dots. I cannot recommend her enough. She is a gem!"

Paula, Germany

"Annie is a great and very knowledgeable coach, who approaches health through various different lenses. She is also a great listener and firstly takes into consideration the individual person, and his situation, needs and preferences. In doing so, she also helps people gain a better understanding of what might be hurting them and how to benefit the most by making the least, most affordable, and sometimes most easily accessible changes."

Evel, Cyprus


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Graduate of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA). Programme developped in collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).


Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety and Self Regulation

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